Reunion with God


He wanders along a narrow mud-lane, lost into the woodland, through the hazy mist in the early evening. Nature has bid farewell to the setting sun— as he has parted himself from God. The gloomy evening casts its shadow upon him, like the vague uncertainty that awaits him. His fate has left him fatigued and crestfallen to the core of his soul.

The silhouettes of the trees surround him like the incarnate shadows— reminiscent of the people around him. They seem all alike— unfamiliar and harsh. A feeling of melancholy and disappointment presses his heart, when, all of a sudden, he desists from any further step.

Thousands of dancing fireflies turned the woodland into a fairy-tale. These little living flames venture out to play in the air after their afternoon slumbers. These little lights of hope enchanted the gloomy forest.

This unprecedented moment shattered the spurious belief of a clouded soul, which feared a dark future ahead and falsely perceived the fate as inevitable. To him, it was a signal from the God— though he parted himself from God, the almighty did not abandon him.


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